An introduction to Kelepar

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5 min readMay 9, 2022

We are happy to finally unveil our project. Kelepar is a turn-based strategy game in a cyberpunk setting. The game leverages the Archway blockchain and offers an integrated NFT marketplace.

Kelepar in a nutshell

Kelepar is a turn-based strategy game which hosts an NFT marketplace that trades in-game NFTs as well as collections from various artists. The game design is focused around beautiful hand-drawn artworks, touching stories and exciting PvP battles.

In Kelepar the player controls a party of multiple heroes which he uses to battle other players in the PvP Arena or to fight his way through a touching PvE storyline. By winning battles, climbing the ranks of the PvP ladder or by completing quests in the PvE storyline, players earn token rewards that they can use to buy new heroes, skins and items. All in-game NFTs, as well as NFT collections from other artists can be minted and traded on Kelepar’s own NFT marketplace.

Kelepar — The Game

We build a unique game that convinces with beautiful artwork and strategic depth in battles. Our focus is on creating a captivating experience and a game that players want to play for years rather than creating short-term hype. To appeal to the masses and draw attention to Archway and the cosmos ecosystem, Kelepar will be open to anyone and follow a free-to-play model. The goal is to make Kelepar known not only in the cosmos space, but in the whole crypto and gaming sphere.

When creating a Kelepar account a player will get the four common heroes for free to experience the game while playing in a touching PvE campaign or battling other players in the PvP arena. Besides the four heroes everyone can access for free, there will be 24 further heroes available when the game goes live that can be acquired on our integrated NFT marketplace.

A short explanation of the battle system

Kelepar is a turn-based strategy game with a battle system inspired by Dungeons and Dragons. Each player controls a party of four heroes, which are presented as cards on the board. Every hero has a set of unique stats and abilities.

At the start of the game, players place their four heroes on the battlefield. For each hero the player then chooses three of the hero’s abilities — for the rest of the game, the hero will only be able to use these three abilities. In the first phase of the turn, both players choose one ability for each hero and the targets they want to aim at. In the second phase of the turn, all abilities will be performed starting with the fastest one. The game ends when all four heroes of one player have fallen.

The Heroes

Each hero has one of four classes assigned — warrior, specialist, fanatic or assassin — and belongs to one of the three factions — Doth’Rin, Imperio Dei or United Human Nations. We will introduce the factions in a future article that tells the story of Kelepar.

The heroes also differentiate in rarities. The rarer a hero is, the more abilities he has. Common and uncommon heroes have three abilities, rares have four, epics five and legendary heroes will have six different abilities. As the heroes can only use three abilities within a battle, rarer heroes aren’t necessarily stronger, but their bigger sets of abilities give the players more flexibility and target specific weaknesses of the opponent’s party.

As the players battle in the PvP arena or fight through the PvE campaign, the heroes they use will earn experience points and level-up. With each level gained, the player can choose to improve one of the hero’s abilities or enhance its stat line.

The integrated marketplace

Our very own NFT marketplace will serve two purposes. First off, it is the place where players can mint, sell and buy heroes as well as other in-game NFTs like skins and loot boxes. Further, the marketplace can be used to trade NFTs from other artists. NFT collections that are going to be listed on our marketplace will get a customization use case within the game. Players can use those NFTs as profile pictures as well as place them on banners they carry to the battlefield. With this functionality we want to offer artists additional use cases for the art they produce with the goal of creating an amazing NFT culture on the Archway blockchain to grow the scene and benefit the entire ecosystem.

What differentiates Kelepar from other projects

In the traditional gaming industry, the players hold no power over the in-game assets they own. All the hours they’re putting into the game doesn’t create any real world value for them. Blockchain technology can solve this problem. With NFTs we’re able to give players ownership of the assets they acquire in game and freely trade them. Sadly the blockchain gaming space has a bad reputation among gamers. Instead of offering a compelling gaming experience, currently available games struggle with a variety of problems, such as outdated graphics, requiring players to buy expensive NFTs just to enter the game or focusing on rapid earning models that are often more ponzi schemes than sustainable economies.

Kelepar will unite what the traditional gaming industry does great — creating a fun and captivating experience for players — with the benefits of blockchain technology. A touching story, captivating PvP battles and unique artwork will make players love to spend time on Kelepar. As the game is following a free-to-play model, players can start experiencing the game before committing any money. With NFTs we ensure the players have ownership and control over the assets they buy and earn within the game. An economic model that is focused on sustainability rather than offering quick rewards will ensure that Kelepar’s economy is secured for years to come. With Kelepar, players can create real world value for themselves while having a great experience in doing what they love — playing video games.

Final Words

This was a first little insight into our project and what we’re trying to achieve with it. The details about the game mechanics are still subject to change. As we’re developing and testing the game we might find it necessary to make adjustments. Hence, the final product might be slightly different than what we describe here, but this article should give you a general idea of how the game will look and feel like. If you like what you’ve seen so far we would love to invite you to join our Discord and follow us on Twitter.

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